Basel-Stadt Hash House Harriers
5th Anniversary Weekend

"It'll never work..."

At last, a run slogan in compliance with the Trade Descriptions Act! Come and marvel at the consistency of BSH3 mismanagement - we've cocked it up in the past, and we can cock it up again!!!

Wow, I'm impressed! What can I expect?

Obviously a major cultural event. Where is it happening?

After many seconds of negotiations, our illustrious On Sec has procured the use of the new rugby club, located at the north end of the Schänzli race track (a flour trail will be laid from the nearest tram stop to the venue).

Any crash space?

We can offer accommodation for Saturday 13.01.01, in a nuclear air raid shelter.

Bugger me!

The BSH3 Mismanagement even offer this cast-iron guarantee: should anyone staying at the shelter be inconvenienced by a nuclear air raid, their entry fee will be refunded - no questions asked!

Any event goodies?

Does Show 'Em ever go red?? Of course there are goodies - for this event, BSH3 Hasherdabbery can offer you a pair of high-quality running shorts, adorned with the same logo as the fantastically popular rugby shirts! (so popular that we will be flogging them off cheap at the event...)

Surely all this is too good to be true...

How right you are - we want your money! Note that these prices include FREE BEER all weekend (except Friday)!

Friday 12.01.01 Pub crawl Pay your own way
Saturday 13.01.01 Run fee Sfr. 15
    Evening meal Sfr. 15
    Accommodation (including breakfast on Sunday) Sfr. 25
    Shorts Sfr. 30
Sunday 14.01.01 Run fee Sfr. 15
    Food Sfr. 10

For the arithmetically challenged, this works out at Sfr. 85 for both days without accommodation, and Sfr. 110 for both days including an overnight stay in a cosy nuclear bunker.

How do I register?

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