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From: BSH3 On-sec <onsec-bsh3(at)>
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Subject: Basel-Stadt HHH Run #353 - June 11th 2023

Basel-Stadt HHH Run #353

Date:        Sunday, June 11th 2023
Time:        15:00
Place:       Unterer Batterieweg 119 · Basel
Hare:        George Moonie <George.Moonie(at)>
Run details:

"Be a Cherry Plucker" Run 353 & AGM

A to A Run  Date: 11th June 2023 / Time: 15.00 hrs  Location: Hare Garden
Hutch (15-minute walk from the SBB)

Distance Runner: 10 km Walkers: 5 km (buggy friendly)

Afterward, there is an optional "On Inn" Grill and Chill with a Fire Pit
and watch a sunset Sunset: 21.27 hrs

RA: George Moonie Hare: George Moonie / co-Hare: Sweet Maori (SH H3)

The Hash starts at an allotment belonging to the Hare The is a good
probability that the cherry tree will be ready to be plucked So bring a bag
and help yourself. The Circle and On Inn will be held at the garden

So please bring your own food for the BBQ grill

There is a good probability (weather-depending) to see a spectacular
sunset, if not blame the RA

A special feature in the Circle will be the first naming by Chat GPT

AGM (Annual General Meeting) Details: 

This is where we will discuss any proposals and elect our Mismangement
Committee, right at the end of the circle. 

Current Missmanagement:  

--> Grand Master: Out of Africa  

--> Religious Advisor: George Moonie  

--> Hash Cash, on-sec, Beer meister : MerylStrip 

--> Webslave:  Mr. Logic 

--> Hare Raiser: MerylStrip (temp)  

--> Haberdasher: vacant

During the meeting we will:  

- Briefly vote about any proposals raised.  

- Open the floor for hashers to volunteer to take a Mismanagement position.
If two or more volunteer for a position there will be a voting.

Do you have a proposal to make or would like to take a mismanagement
position but can not join this event? please reach out to MerylStrip
(WhatsApp/SMS +41 79 797 88 12 or email africa.santos(at) - ONLY
proposals from hashers that have attended at least 1 event in the last 12
months will be considered.


BSH3 homepage:

GM:                    Roland 'Out of Africa / Mausi' Manser  roland.manser(at)
RA:                    John 'George Moonie' Hyland            George.Moonie(at)
Webslave:              Al 'Mr. Logic' Smith                   logic(at)
On-Sec and Hareraiser: Africa 'Meryl Strip' Santos            africa.santos(at)

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