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Date: Sunday, December 12th 2004 Time: 14:00
Place: Basel airport Swiss Grid:
60703 E 27214 N
47° 35.994' N 7° 31.926' E
47.5999° N 7.5321° E
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Starting point is at the airport. From Basel SBB, take bus 50 straight there.

We'll be going into France, so here is a reminder for the hard of thinking: bring your passport or whatever ID you'll need to get your ass past the border patrol.

Run mis-information from the hare (would you trust him?): We'll be running from the airport straight through the center of St. Louis towards the river. Forget all the checks and false trails and what have you. Hell, run through 'em... it's straight to the beerstop which'll be where the Canel Huningue joins the Rhein. After that, it's just back through Village Neuf to the airport, warmth, and beer. Simple, hmm?

On on! On on! On on! On on!