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Date: Saturday, July 30th 2005 Time: 15:15
Place: Sierentz Swiss Grid:
60154 E 27838 N
47° 39.364' N 7° 27.547' E
47.6561° N 7.4591° E
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Train Times:
Z├╝rich HB 13:34
Sierentz 15:07
Change in Basel SBB
Bern 13:35
Sierentz 15:07
Change in Basel SBB
Basel SBB 14:45
Sierentz 15:07
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The run will be an A to B run where B is the Hare's hole and the ON ON.

A bag car will be provided.

Return to Basel after On Inn will be shared taxi to Basel airport (15 mins) and then the airport bus to the City and SBB.

For the hard of thinking, this run is in France. Bring your passport!

*** Please note the later-than-usual start time ***

On on! On on! On on! On on!