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Date: Saturday, April 8th 2006 Time: 14:00
Place: Birsfelden Swiss Grid:
61440 E 26644 N
47° 32.911' N 7° 37.795' E
47.5485° N 7.6299° E
Hares: and Just Ros
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Train Times:
Zürich HB 12:30
Basel SBB 13:33
Change in Olten
Bern 12:35
Basel SBB 13:33
Basel SBB 13:46
Birsfelden Hard 14:00
Change in Aeschenplatz
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Re-try of Run 137: From Basel SBB, take tram 8 or 10 to Aeschenplatz, from there take a tram 3 to the end of the line at Birsfelden. Across the road from the tram terminus you will see the restaurant “Wirtschaft zur Hard”.

On on! On on! On on! On on!