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Date: Saturday, December 8th 2007 Time: 14:00
Place: Rheinfelden Swiss Grid:
62653 E 26674 N
47° 33.051' N 7° 47.464' E
47.5508° N 7.7911° E
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Train Times:
Bern 12:04
Rheinfelden 13:25
Change in Basel SBB
Z├╝rich HB 12:36
Rheinfelden 13:33
Basel SBB 13:14
Rheinfelden 13:25
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Joint event with Bern: their annual "Let's Get Wet Before Christmas".

Meet, not at the (restricted) station car park, but at the larger one in front of the Hotel Schuetzen. Emerge from the station underpass and walk down Bahnhofstrasse, right hand side, towards the traffic lights. Cross the main road and you will see the parking ground, which is Point A of this A to B run. Look for the bag car. The run will be followed by a short circle at Point B, where the bag car will have moved to. Other cars need not be moved - see below.

We then visit Sole Uno, the local thermal baths, with whirlpools and various saunas. The ticket suggestion is the one for 1.5 hours which costs about 20 francs. We will try to get a group ticket.

Afterwards, we will wander back for 7 - 8 minutes through the old town to a restaurant, the Feldschloesschen am Rhein, Marktgasse 36. This is the bottom of Bahnhofstrasse, in a pedestrian zone, just a few minutes walk from the car park at the Schuetzen. Hence only the bag car needs to go to Point B, then back to A.

Zurich HHH are also supporting this event. You can see Amnesia's fuller write-up at Run 488.

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