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Date: Saturday, April 12th 2008 Time: 14:11
Place: Pratteln Swiss Grid:
61904 E 26359 N
47° 31.366' N 7° 41.486' E
47.5228° N 7.6914° E
Hares: and Mealticket
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Train Times:
Z├╝rich HB 13:02
Pratteln 14:11
Change in Basel SBB
Bern 13:04
Pratteln 14:11
Change in Basel SBB
Basel SBB 14:01
Pratteln 14:11
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Meet at the train station (not the tram station) just after 2pm. We will wait for the good train connections from ZH and Bern via Basel (hence 14:11 in the SBB query window, not the usual 14:00). A to A run; bag car; walkers' trail; On-Inn at local restaurant. A volunteer to co-hare would be appreciated.

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