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Date: Sunday, March 11th 2012 Time: 14:00
Place: Biel-Benken BL, Brücke Swiss Grid:
60611 E 26168 N
47° 30.350' N 7° 31.183' E
47.5058° N 7.5197° E
Hare: Who knows... maybe you?
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Note change of day - no-one volunteering for our normal Saturday, so, Sunday it is!

A to A run, where A is the hares' hutch at Bachgasse 4, Biel-Benken. Family "Briet".

By public transport: take tram 10 from the SBB, direction Flueh, to Oberwil. Change to bus 60, to Biel-Benken BL, Bruecke. Walk back the way the bus came (Fraumattenstrasse) and cross the road, into Bachgasse.

Food available afterwards - rsvp so the hare (and hostess Loose Moose) knows how much to prepare.

On on! On on! On on! On on!