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Date: Saturday, April 12th 2014 Time: 14:00
Place: Furstensteinerstrasse 62, Basel Swiss Grid:
61213 E 26519 N
47° 32.240' N 7° 35.983' E
47.5373° N 7.5997° E
Hares: and
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Train Times: No information available.
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Please note its a Saturday at 2pm run/trot/walk !!!

Hares: George Moony and Sir Richard alone.

Where: Its an A to nearly an A run, Starting and finishing close to the Hares Hutch.

This will be a Pram, buggy child friendly run, just like the hash. On inn at the Hares Hutch: BBQ if the weather holds out. Furstensteinerstrasse 62 4053 Basel Sir Dicks mob number is 0793648037

Please confirm by Friday Evening to know how much meat to buy. If you want to Bring something, bring some salad/Pasta and please tell me.

Cost 20 chf per adult for all beer and food 10chf for kids.

On on! On on! On on! On on!