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Date: Sunday, February 12th 2017 Time: 15:00
Place: Schutzenmattpark Basel Coordinates: Unknown
Train Times: No information available.
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Run will be A to A. We will circle up in Schutzenmattpark along the path parallel to the road between the two tram stops as there are groups of benches.

By Tram from SBB No 8 or No 1 to Schutzenhaus but parking is better at the far end of the Park near the pports complex Tramstop Bundersplatz (Tram 8)

If its raining we will gather around at the Bundersplatz end as there are some buildings at that end of the park.

The Long is currently 11km although I will try to add another Km to bring it up to 12.

I will measure the short this weekend which I estimate to be 7km although there will be an option to make that an A to B and use Public Transport to reduce to below 6km.

I will need estimates of numbers for resturant to allow them to put some tables together for us in advance. The Resturant opened last November and is the bset Indian in Basel in my opinion, Main including Rice is CHF 30 but portions are generous so add a Nan and sharing would work.

I have spoken to the manager and he will offer an additional option for kids that is not on the menu if required so let me know if the menu would be challenge to family participation.

I have also warned him that some people will have trains so may need to have their meals sooner than the whole table.

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