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Date: Tuesday, December 26th 2017 Time: 13:30
Place: Alte Post - Centralbahnstrasse 21, Basel Swiss Grid:
61154 E 26627 N
47° 32.823' N 7° 35.515' E
47.5471° N 7.5919° E
Hares: and
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Train Times: No information available.
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Meeting at 13:30 to start at 14:00.

Hares: Out of Africa and MerylStrip

Meeting point: Restaurant Alte Post - Centralbahnstrasse 21, Basel

Bag drop: yes (at the restaurant or bag car)

A to A run with a special Christmas beer/drinks stop

How to get to the restaurant:Exit the train station on the main, north, side, where all the trams are. Turn right, and walk towards a rusty red multi-story office block/car park,about 200 meters away. Just before you reach it, you will see our restaurant on the left.

Please let us know if you are planning to join, it would be great to have approx numbers for the beer stop and restaurant.

Meryl Strip phone 079 797 88 12

On on! On on! On on! On on!