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Date: Sunday, November 11th 2018 Time: 14:40
Place: Schulstrasse 32 4332 Stein AG Switzerland Coordinates: Unknown
Hares: and
Train Times: No information available.
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A to A run. Bag Car available Hares: Out of Africa and Merylstrip

Meeting point is a parking lot, 5 minutes walk from the station. One of us will be at the station (Stein-Säckingen) when the train from Basel arrives at 14:33 (fast train direction Zurich leaving Basel SBB at 14:13) to guide you to the meeting point.

Meeting time is 14:40 at the parking lot. Please be on time, since the days are quite short now we will not wait for late cumers.

OnIn will be at a restaurant nearby. If you know you will stay, please mention it on the comments, it will help the booking.

On on! On on! On on! On on!