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Date: Sunday, July 12th 2020 Time: 13:45
Place: Läufelfingen SBB Coordinates: Unknown
Train Times: No information available.
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Meeting point: Läufelfingen SBB (S9) / Start time: 13:45 / Hare: Likkmm / Bag car: yes / Beer Stop - if there is one you will need to carry your own drink - might be a good idea to bring a small rucksack. / OnIn - possible if people want to stay

IMPORTANT: you need to bring your own drinks and snacks (no organized supply by the hash) - bag drop will be available.

Please note a few RULES TO STAY SAFE during the Corona time: - Bring your own drinks and snacks (and drinking vessel) for BS and circle, the hash will not provide anything. - No hash cash - No restaurant booked by the hash after. - Please sign up on meet up - if not sign up you will need to provide contact details as we need to keep track - this applies also for visitors and virgins. - Masks in Public Transport will be mandatory by then - don't forget yours if you are coming by train.

Connections: Basel SBB 13:01 (S 3) Sissach 13:25 13:31 (S 9) Läufelfingen 13:43

Bern 12:06 (IR) Olten 12:54 13:02 (S 9) Läufelfingen 13:11

On on! On on! On on! On on!