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Date: Saturday, May 13th 2000 Time: 14:00
Place: Schwörstadt (Germany) Swiss Grid:
63283 E 27110 N
47° 35.386' N 7° 52.504' E
47.5898° N 7.8751° E
Hares: and
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Train Times: No information available.
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After months of intense debilitation, the BSH3 Mismanagement has dessicated that the May hare will be Mad Max, and the run will take place in Schwörstadt.

Some of you may already be trying to formulate questions along the lines of 'huh???', so...

Where is it?

Schwörstadt is in Germany, about 7 km east of D-Rheinfelden. This may not in itself be particularly interesting, but it means:


The run

The run will be A to A, starting and finishing at Schwörstadt Canoe Club. No idea about the trail, but that merely continues a fine tradition with the BSH3.

The venue

The SCC is a great venue if the weather is warm, which I'm sure it will be, as we have nutscrews with the RA's name on them. The clubhouse has german beer, a riverside garden, great scenery, seats, tables and er... more german beer. There will be (quite decent) food, delivered by an Italian takeaway place.

Your mismanagement committee has provided all this a mere 100m stagger from Schwörstadt station - you can see the SCC club house as you get off the train.

Too good to be true

It sure is - the last train back from Schwörstadt is at 21:24. As we're starting earlier, some may argue that this may well be long enough. For those who disagree, I'm sure the usual suspects will be available to get completely Yeltsined in Basel.

How to get there

The only reasonable connection is from the Basel Badischer Bahnhof at 12:57 - there will be a haphazard assembly in the entrance hall of the Bad. Bhf. from about 12:30.

Your best connections are:

From Departing Arriving (at Basel SBB) Bern 10:49 11:56 Zuerich 11:00 12:08 Geneva 08:47 11:38

Take note

The Basel Badischer Bahnhof is on the other side of the city from the Basel SBB! Some trains continue to the Bad. Bhf (it's worth asking the conductor), but usually you'll have to take a number 2 tram from outside the SBB. The above connections allow time for this.

Latecomer cockup procedure

If you miss the 12:57 from the Bad. Bhf, you have a problem! The only viable option is to take a train from Basel SBB to CH-Rheinfelden, then get a taxi across the border to D-Schwörstadt. This will cost at least SFr. 30!

If all else fails

The hare's mobile no: 076 343 9915.

On on! On on! On on! On on!