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Date: Saturday, July 1st 2000 Time: 14:00
Place: Leyman Swiss Grid:
60366 E 26096 N
47° 29.963' N 7° 29.232' E
47.4994° N 7.4872° E
Hare: Mr. Minty
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Train Times: No information available.
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This will be an A to A run, with an On-Inn BBQ at the hare's house. Grillables are provided, and there's also crash space available for those who want to stay over (bring a sleeping bag). RSVP to the hare.

Coming by train, take the 12:04 from Zuerich, or the 12:03 from Bern, arriving in Basel at about 13:15. Walk left out of the station, keeping on the left (and ignoring the first traffic-light controlled junction) until you come to a crossroads with the UBS Training Centre (a large red-brick building) facing you.

Keep going past the UBS Training Centre (a wall of water shows the way, then a "Magic" bank cash machine), and you will see the signpost to the new Flamingosteg bridge, direction Zoo. At the bottom of the bridge is the tramstop. A 2-zone ticket will take you as far as Leyman. You need to take the 13:30 tram; the next one that goes as far as Leyman leaves at 14:00.

From the Leymen tramstop, walk in the direction of the tram that you just got off and follow the flour!

For car drivers, the hare has issued the following blah:

Our house is facing the football ground in Leymen. Coming from Basel: Pass the Swiss-French Zoll then pass the French Zoll, come to a T-junction, turn right, cross the little bridge, pass the dirt-layby, turn right down the road in front of the purple set of apartments. Turn left into the drive after the set of purple apartments.

Coming From France (Hagental-le-Bas direction): Come down the winding road, as you enter Leymen (i.e pass the sign) slow down, take the second left after the Leymen Sign, pass the purple set of flats, then turn left up the drive.

For the hard of thinking, this run is in France. Don't forget your passports!

On on! On on! On on! On on!