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Date: Saturday, November 11th 2000 Time: 14:00
Place: Voltaplatz Swiss Grid:
61045 E 26887 N
47° 34.227' N 7° 34.650' E
47.5705° N 7.5775° E
Hares: and
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Train Times: No information available.
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An exotic trail with hares John "George Mooney" Hyland and John "Dancing Doghouse" (ex Dancing John, Shirley Knott etc), Patient.

Follow the flour from Point A (the tram stop) to Point B, the bag car, which will be parked in Lothringerstrasse, about 100 metres from Voltaplatz.

From there, it's a B to C run, for the circle. Then C to D for the On-Inn, D being the hare's (DD's) hutch, for cold beer and chilli.

We promise you foreign travel, so bring passports - preferably yours and money - preferably some-one else's - and a small amount of CHF change.

Getting to the On Inn When all else fails, as it probably will, meet us at Gellertstrasse 51, tel 312 5705. Catch tram 3 to St Alban Tor (this is only one of the reasons you need the money) and then take the second right just past the garage, which is Gellertstrasse. We are 400 metres down on the left, 2 metres before the illuminated sign for number 55, Grieder (61326E 26670N).

On on! On on! On on! On on!