Basel-Stadt Hash House Harriers proudly present

12th Swiss Nash Hash


Basel 100th run

Who came?

1Mr. Logicfrom Basel-Stadt
2Flying Bottomfrom Basel-Stadt
3Wheelchairfrom Basel-Stadt
4Bubblesfrom DRIFTER HHH
5TailGatefrom Bern
6Cumming Numbfrom Munich
7GoatMounterfrom Basel-Stadt
8Heavy Breatherfrom BSH3
9Coming Shortlyfrom BSH3
10LonelyBrainCellfrom ZH3
11Likk`mmfrom Luzern H3
12HRTfrom Yorkshire H3
13-from Yorkshire H3
14Mealticketfrom Basel Stadt
15BooBoofrom Bern HHH
16Knutheadfrom Bern HHH
17Smokestackfrom Munich H3
18Boomerangfrom Zürich
19Chicofrom Zürich
20Iron Ladyfrom Leman-Geneva
21FIDOfrom Drifter
22Julie Andrewsfrom Geneva
23Steamy Windowsfrom Basel Stadt
24Cat Napperfrom Basel Stadt
25FWBfrom Zurich
26Bigstickfrom Newcastle/Zurich
27Squirt Flirtfrom Zürich
28HandJobfrom Zurich H3
29Loose Lipsfrom Basel
30Mausifrom ZH3
31Meryl Stripfrom ZH3 / Geneva
32Smashing Jugsfrom Bern HHH
33Got the trotsfrom Zürich
34Kiddie Lickerfrom Riyadh Third Herd
35Big Moped Wanker (BMW)from Zurich
36Cyberflasherfrom BMPH3
37Premature Ejectionfrom BMPH3
38Shitheadfrom Capital H3 Australia
39Mr. Keenfrom Zurich
40Want it nowfrom CHFH3,LGH3
41Deep Throatfrom Geneva
42George Mooniefrom Basel HHH
43Rainblow not-so-brightfrom Sembach H3 / Drifter H3
44Come Latelyfrom Geneva
45Chainsawfrom Zuerich HHH
46Frog Chopperfrom Geneva
47GoneFlatfrom Munich
48Show'Emfrom Munich
49Abominable Barfmanfrom Munich
50Kemosabefrom City (London)
51Eric the Vikingfrom SH3/LH3/WLH3/BH3
52Ruggie Burnsfrom Munich
53Edel Vicefrom Munich
54Drainoilfrom Pirate H3
55Dancing Doghousefrom Zurich
56Mountain goat shitfrom La Union Philippines
57Roll your ownfrom La Union Philippines
58-from La Union Philippines
59Forrest Dumpfrom CHF
60Crash Test Dummyfrom LGH3/CHFH3
61Weakest Lickfrom Munich
62PigStickerfrom Luzern
63Free Willyfrom Zuerich