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Date: Sunday, January 13th 2008 Time: 11:00
Place: Basel, Kleinhüningen Swiss Grid:
61152 E 27118 N
47° 35.473' N 7° 35.507' E
47.5912° N 7.5918° E
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Train Times:
Bern 09:00
Basel SBB 10:16
Change in Zofingen
Zürich HB 09:06
Basel SBB 10:20
Change in Baden
Basel SBB 10:25
Kleinhüningen 10:43
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Venue: Cafe Restaurant Rheinpark, am Rheinpark, Weil am Rhein, Germany - close to the "Rheincenter" shopping centre and the Dreiländerbrücke. The official address states "Hauptstrasse 430", but it seems that there are two "Hauptstrasse"s in Weil, so just look for "am Rheinpark" and the Dreiländerbrücke.

Getting there: Tram 8 from SBB to Kleinhüningen (last stop). Cross the Wiese and walk along Kleinhüningeranlage over the German border. See map for exact location. Turn left at the "Rheincentre" shopping centre. Walking time is 10-15 mins. There is a bus from Kleinhüningen to Rhein Center. However this is highly infrequent.

On-Inn: Cafe Restaurant "Rheinpark", as above. Nosh is Chinese. You need Euros if you intend to dine. Table is booked from 13:30 - 14:00.

Other Info: The route is A to A, and will be buggy-friendly. A bag car will be provided.

IMPORTANT: This is a cross-border run, therefore passports are required.

On on! On on! On on! On on!