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Date: Sunday, February 10th 2008 Time: 11:00
Place: St Louis Grenze Swiss Grid:
60970 E 26996 N
47° 34.816' N 7° 34.053' E
47.5803° N 7.5676° E
Hares: and
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Train Times:
Bern 12:34
Basel SBB 13:29
Z├╝rich HB 12:34
Basel SBB 13:38
Basel SBB 13:44
St. Louis Grenze 13:59
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From the tram 11 terminus: cross the border by foot (passports required) and continue towards the centre of St Louis. After a 5 minute walk, you will see a big church on your left. Turn left here, and the bag car will be parked in front of the church. It is an A-A run and the On Inn for lunch is close by. Spanish/Portuguese food for a change. Bring Euros.

Feel free to stay in the area after the hash - for the Burning Carts of Liestal in the evening, and Morgestraich in Basel centre at 4 a.m. on the Monday.

On on! On on! On on! On on!